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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing services include the following

Having a fantastic looking website is all well and good, but if you are not marketing yourself as a business, what chance have potential customers got in using your services?

We have a fantastic team that will push the brand awareness of your business to your ideal customer base through a multi-step process. For the customer, unless its a one-off impulse buy, they need to gain trust with your business before spending their hard-earned cash.

These processes range from SEM, Content Marketing, Social Influencers, Direct Email Marketing etc.

Depending on your business, your goals and budget, we can tailor a solution perfect for you, designed to help your website be found, stand out online, lead to an increase in traffic and more importantly, sales and customers.

Paid Ad Services

Spend £1 and make £5 in return. Generate awesome ROI.

Facebook Management

As of today, Facebook remains one of the most efficient methods to attract dedicated clients, push more leads and sales, and increase the prospects of your brand. More than three million businesses are utilizing the potentials in Facebook and the best time to start using Facebook for your business is now.

With one third of the population on Facebook and average Brit spending 20+ minutes per day on Facebook your perfect customer are there and waiting.

Facebook main advantage is its targeting abilities due to its insights because of the amount of data us as individuals share with them, like our interests, where we work, who are friends are, what pages we like. With these insight, you can target your potential customers with offers before they even realise they need your service.

PPC (Adwords, Social, Bing)

Pay per click is the best way to get people who are already searching for your service, to your website. Whether its bing or google, we will help you achieve the first page in the search results.

We can boost your business with our fantastic PPC management based in Manchester. With years of experience we can tailor the right search and social paid campaigns to maximise your ROI.

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